Sunday, September 19, 2021

drop zones (stop clutter at the door)

Colder weather opens the door to a lot more stuff coming in the house! Most homes in Seattle don't have a formal entry - one just walks straight into the living room or center hall from the great outdoors. Given our need for rain gear, boots, umbrellas and the like, that can mean a lot of gear to corral at Point A. 

There are lots of pre-made, factory designed hall cubbies that you can buy for as little or as much as your budget allows. But I find these beasts too large for many of our homes, and rather boring to look at! I've compiled a few alternative ideas that are stylish (I think) and will help you deal with all that necessary cold and wet weather gear: 

no. 1 Place a piece of furniture near the front door. This piece need not be expensive. In fact, a vintage dresser reclaimed from the attic works brilliantly. If the space is narrow, then utilize a wall-hugging credenza. For ultimate function, make sure it has a few drawers (for personal gear). Wire or wicker baskets store hats, gloves, and scarves. Add a tray for keys and your daily mail and don't forget a lamp for a cheery 'hello'!
Consider using lanterns or candles for lighting if you don't have an outlet close by.
A simple piece painted adds a lot of welcome!

Don't forget fragrant flowers. Nothing is more yummy than a lovely smell when you walk through the door.

no. 2 Corral footwear (nothing is harder on floors than wet shoes) by placing a rack or basket on the floor. Be sure to line it with something that will keep the moisture away from the floor.

These trays are from Ballard Designs
no. 3 If you don't have a closet nearby, add a metal cloakroom stand with a hang bar and shelves for an instant entry closet! This one can be found at Ballard Designs

no. 4 Add pegs for bags, leashes, scarves, et al. For children in the house, mount shelves and pegs at a height that is ideal for their clothing and backpacks (this will make life easier as you are running out the door in the morning). 

Assign a hook (or basket) to each child. This clever mom uses a personalized tote for each child. 
no. 5 Unless you have stone at your entry, I recommend storing umbrellas in a bucket or umbrella stand just outside your front door...water works fast on wood floors.

Great use for an old mailbox.

Whether wet or dry, cold or warm, I hope these tips help you create an entry that functions in the most stylish way - your way!

Until next time, 

la chasse au bonheur