Saturday, February 1, 2014

Interiors with a winning color palette - Go Hawks!

Driving through the neighborhoods, our pride is evident.

And, if you want to show off that pride, it couldn't be any easier. Seahawks franchised gear is everywhere (you want to be).  Ace and Home Depot have you covered for DIY projects:

NFL 120-B
NFL 120-D
You can shout your allegiance from the top of your roof with these ready-made signs that announce just about anything you want. Or, turn to Etsy to find custom items that allow for a little personalization. 

Of course, the NFL has their line of franchise items that you can buy to decorate your home.

While I love seeing all this pride, my preference for decorating is always more subtle. So I thought it might be nice to showcase some different interiors that gently say, "Go Hawks!".

Let's start with the color palette:
Then depending on your feel, build from there:

Traditional with an edge Seahawks!
Graphic Seahawks!
Bold Seahawks!
Classic Seahawks!
Coastal Seahawks
Nautical Seahawks!
Mod Seahawks!
Upper Crust Seahawks!
IKEA Seahawks!
13 Coins Seahawks!
Baby Seahawks!
Sleep tight Seahawks!

Here are just a few accessories I found online. Any of these would be a winner in your home!

No caption is really needed for this - gorgeous, and from IKEA!
Gorgeous statement pillows - these definitely say, "We won the Super Bowl" don't they?
Vintage Seahawks blue armchair - how perfect is this for your armchair coach?
Stunning Seahawks blue panels!
Nothing like starting them out young!

Well, I don't think there is anything else to say but,


Until next time,

la chasse au bonheur