Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Storage tips

Everywhere you turn there is a blog posting, article or tweet about getting organized - 'tis that time of year! Given the number of homes I see every month and the condition they should be in when they go on the market,  I just have to add my two cents!

Making an entrance 
Storage furniture for the entryway (with catch-all baskets, shoe cubbies, de-cluttered coat closet, and more) keeps clutter from spreading to other parts of the house.

Have pets? keep their gear in one place and in a separate 'dog friendly' entrance.

In place of cabinets that are narrow or difficult to access, install pull-out shelves or large drawers.

Mount the microwave and other small appliances under hanging cabinets, or place them on wall-mounted shelves to free up precious counter space. On a side note, when we re-did our kitchen last year there was no room for the microwave. We didn't use it all that often so we thought we would try setting it up in the 'work room' in the lower level. It took about a week for the family to get use to going downstairs to nuke something. Now, the microwave is rarely used.

A revolving lazy Susan storage unit is a great way to organize cabinets, counter tops, and even refrigerated condiments, which can also be corralled in clear bins designed for refrigerators.

A professional installed closet system can double, even triple, the space for clothes and shoes. Tiered hangers are a less expensive option to create more space in your closet.

Under-bed storage drawers are perfect for packing away bulky sweaters and seasonal gear. We have a wardrobe in the same 'work room' which hosts our off-season clothing. Keeps them dust free and protected.

Store bikes overhead with a rope and pulley system. Or, hang them from their front wheels using simple, wall -mounted hooks - no garage, no worries!

Heavy-duty coordinated storage systems can tame even the messiest of garage spaces-and can be surprisingly affordable.

Many staircases have empty space beneath them that can be transformed into much-needed storage areas.

Having a designated storage spot for frequently used items will help keep them from scattering all about the house (and make them easier to find).

Until next time,

la chasse au bonheur