Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Come to the table

This is the time of year when a house is no longer four walls and a floor but rather a home filled with family and friends, laughter and joy!

As we gather together this week to celebrate our many blessings the dining room table becomes the focal point of our celebrations. In figuring out what my table will look like this year I ran across some great ideas that I wanted to share.

Simple Centerpieces

Pacific Fabrics and JoAnn's Fabric both sell burlap by the yard

A ring of oasis cut to fit over the candlestick allows you to easily tuck roses, berries and greens to create these sweet arrangements. The Flower Lady on Eastlake sells Oasis or ask at your local grovery store's floral department.

Vegetables, or fruits, in your color pallette make for a simple and interesting centerpiece.
Clean and modern. You can add names to the rocks for place cards or write words of thanks.

While hunting last month with my brother in Northern Idaho, we ran across perfect birch bark in the woods but unfortunately I didn't stop to pick any up.

So simple, it's nutty!

Simple place card ideas and links

Local art supply stores sell these cute little round push pins.

They say you can run fabric through your printer...I might try it with my extra burlap.

Wishing you and yours many blessings this Thanksgiving!

Until next time.

la chasse au bonheur