Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Zeek and Stella!

Growing up we always had a dog...a big fluffy one when I was little, followed by two different basset know the breed - really long ears and sad eyes, always baying at the moon. I have dogs now...two BIG dogs that, I admit, while they drive me crazy (just spent $150 cleaning my sofa after one decided it was more comfortable than his bed), I like having them around.

I get it! Dogs are cool.

So when I have a client that puts "backyard for my puppy (the one I am going to get when I find the right house)" at the top of their priority list, I listen!

Lisa, perhaps one of my dearest clients, was one such gal. For Lisa, taking the plunge into home ownership meant nothing more than a place to have a dog. Kitchen - didn't matter...bedrooms - not so much....bath - not a care...backyard with a fence - absolutely yes! Now don't get me wrong, Lisa made a wise decision on the home she bought, but topping the emotional reasoning for the home was a beautifully fenced in backyard, perfect for a new puppy.

Same for Michelle, a client referred to me a few years later by none other than, you guessed it, Lisa. Amazing how much these two women have in common. Michelle couldn't wait to own her home, a home with a fenced in backyard for a puppy she yet owned. Our search took us all over, but when we opened the gates of her darling bungalow in Green Lake, it was all over. She knew this was the yard!

It's difficult to search online for homes that will make a great home for a future dog. Nothing can replace seeing the homes in person. That meant a lot of homes, and a lot of time spent with each of them, which meant that these two dear friends became dear friends of mine. In the end, Lisa and Michelle found exactly what they were searching for - a lovely home for their new 'best friend'.

I have yet to dismiss the "real" reasons people purchase homes and find it rewarding to deliver what they are truly dreaming of. I relish in the fact that two strong, successful and warm hearted women are realizing their dreams and are creating a life under a roof I helped them backyard at a time!

Lisa with Zeek

Michelle's Stella

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  1. Mom that was so fun and cute please please right more it's so so good love you p.s. I gunk that you are a great realtor and I do not think you should ever change jobs but if you must I hope you love it more than you do the love you again