Sunday, September 5, 2010

Letting your personality spill out...

For many of us, Spanx has become the foundation of our wardrobe - it provides the necessary support that holds us together much like the concrete foundation does for our if Spanx is our retaining walls and support beams, than is the front porch our accessories? I think so.

In any given week I see over a 100 homes and when I drive up to a house that has taken their personality and laid it out there for all the world to see, I relish in that moment.

There is a lot to say for "curb appeal" and a lot has been written about it....more from the point of view of increasing the value of your home. As a real estate agent I can't turn my back on this fact, but that's not why we should take some time to "accessorize" our front porch (whether that be a simple stoop, expansive drive, or interior condo door).

The front porch is an opportunity to let others know a little bit about ourselves. I liken it to men's dressing. Men have the choice of navy, charcoal or black. These suits are their foundation but the tie, cuff links and shirt style give us a hint into who they are.

I like the idea that we give a warm personalized welcome to our guests and show a hint of who we are to the world.

The options for decorating your front porch can be as detailed as following the seasons. For some that means going all out, for others it is a simple nod to the season. Either direction, adding seasonal color, foliage and design elements brings it all together.

A dear friend of mine loves to celebrate every holiday and makes certain it spills out over her threshold, creating a warm welcome to friends and family before they enter her house!

I love following the seasons and I love self-expression but my schedule is daunting at times (much like yours I am certain) so I simplified my life by putting an iron bench and two urns on my front porch. As the seasons change so do the bench pillows and plantings.

But a entryway doesn't have to follow the seasons, in fact, an elegant and sophisticated approach is just as wonderful. The point is "who are you and how are you planning to express yourself to the great outside?" Below is  a beautiful example of this. The owner's love of color and sunny disposition shines through this home's classic front door with her gorgeous yellow screen and fun dog statues!

If all you have to work with is a front door, have at it, I say! That's the best place to start. This simple mirror was embellished with fall color and hangs proudly for all who come knocking.

None of this need be expensive. Taking loved items and repurposing them can be a start. And whether you decide to let the porch be a hint of what's to come inside, or wish to celebrate the seasons, accessorizing can be simple and fun....much like searching for the right earrings, scarf or hand bag.

Case in point, this classic Windsor bench from Target is only $339.99.

Adding color and some of your personality is as simple as adding pillows. They can make a bold, or quiet statement that reflects your style

So wear your style on your sleeve and let the world get a glimpse of who you are by putting some personality into your front porch. Not only will you be sending a warm welcome to all who come to visit, you'll be enhancing the value of your home by adding that simple accessory that just makes the outfit!

In all my posting, my goal is to provide inspiration and insight in to home ownership, real estate, and to provide valuable resources. 

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