Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Entertaining made easy, even for a busy Santa

It's here - the most wonderful time of the year. But if you are anything like me you are committed three times over this holiday season with barely the time to recover before doing it all over the following day.

My children have come to expect a house decked out for the holidays. And really, I have to agree, it just isn't the holiday season without cedar boughs, a beribboned wreath, Eggnog and tins of Butter Tarts. 

We kick off the holiday season with my annual Santa's Breakfast. This festive brunch has expanded from a fun way to say "thanks" to clients to a day celebrating with friends and family as well. It looks like a big undertaking but "shhhhhh" it's really easy.  Over the years, I've learned some tricks that make event giving as easy as gift giving. 




RENT THE PARTY PLACE: I love house parties more than anyone but when it comes to hosting over 100 people I relax and rent the local community center. Most rental halls have the tables, chairs, a small kitchen and help. Their fees are nominal and I love that I am supporting the local parks department. The fact that I don't need to worry about cleaning my house and doing those honey-do jobs weeks leading up to the party is just a bonus! 

PICK YOUR COLORS AND DON'T DEVIATE: I pick my color theme and run with it, really, I don't look back. I use those colors in my invitations, rented linens, on custom labels, everywhere I can. This gives the event a consistent look and pulls it together. I go for big impact with colorful linens and simple centerpieces. This saves time setting up the day of the event. 

I purchase the poinsettias from a local charity fundraiser
KEEP THE MENU SIMPLE: I start baking a month in advance which leaves lots of time the week before. I have found some great muffin, quick bread, coffee cake and cookie recipes that freeze beautifully. When I bake, I make extra for Christmas gift giving and Christmas morning. I put my husband to work flipping pancakes and somehow, by the grace of god, it all works. 

INVEST IN SERVING PIECES: My parents are too good to me. Over the years they have given me serving pieces that make entertaining a crowd easy. The 36 cup Faberware coffee urn (on sale right now at Macy's) is a must as is a functional glass dispenser - perfect for OJ, mixed drinks or flavored water.

MUSIC: I keep a play list labeled on my iPod for the event. Throughout the year I add songs so all I have to do is hit 'play' the day of the event. 

REMEMBER THE SPECIAL TOUCHES: People love special touches and guests will remember the little extras. Personalizing events for your guests makes everything so much more special and really, isn't that why we are doing all this?

Santa is ready to listen

FINALLY, I DON'T LET MY TINSEL GET TANGLED IN A BUNCH (at least I try): I have found there are just too many things that can go wrong, so I prepare for success but if the hot cocoa burns or the pancakes stick I let it slide. It is a party after all.

Here are a few extra photos from this year's Santa's Breakfast taken by Mischelle, Jackson's mom! Thank you Mischelle, I always forget to take photos.   


A hungry crew waiting for pancakes!
My husband is such a good sport


Wishing you Joyeux Noel!

la chasse au bonheur

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