Thursday, April 14, 2016

with the stroke of a brush

There are few things I love more than a can of paint - there's just so much promise in that small container.

It is true that I would prefer to stay in on a Saturday night to repaint a room, that I have explored every hue found in the green and neutrals of Benjamin Moore, and that I have over stepped my boundaries by painting other peoples homes (oh, you know what they say, the road to hell is paved with such good intentions).

My current colors are Stoneware and Feather Down from Benjamin Moore

Research shows that a persons taste in color changes every seven years. That's probably why we see such major shifts in colors over time - remember the mauves and sea foam green of the 80's (no?, ok you are younger than me) and the sweeping trend of the Tuscan colors of the 90's? Colors have calmed and neutralized (a natural pendulum swing from the hot mess of earlier colors).

Colors, and the need for color, change based on geographic location. Think of the gorgeous light the masters sought along the British coastline compared to the overcast grey of the Northwest. Anyway, hot regions call for slightly different hues than our cooler regions. Companies have developed paint that works with specific light and surrounding environments found in different areas (Devine is a paint line originally designed for homes in the Pacific Northwest).
If you can't find the right color, hue, tone there are paint stores that will custom mix a color for you - simply bring in a chip and they can whip it up. This is something amazing when you fall in love with that rare French antique, and have never seen that color of green, like ever, before! If you live in the Seattle area, check out The Paint Laboratory.

While I am crazy about neutral walls, I find a pop of color here and there so refreshing and can be calming or energizing depending on the color.  While color on the walls doesn't appeal to me (at least right now) I do love the idea of adding color to the ceiling.

Take it outside  

Make an impact in your entry

A little color on the ceiling can add some spice in the kitchen

and the dining room

make a statement in the living room

and in the bedroom
(such a great idea bringing the color down onto the wall - it also eliminates the headache of cutting in, my least favorite task of painting

I love the idea of a painted ceiling in the bathroom

and finally, in the home office

I hope this posting has provided a little inspiration - it did for me, I am now off, brush in hand, to tackle my master bath ceiling!

Until next time,

la chasse au bonheur

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