Thursday, July 31, 2014

follow up to our New England Clam Bake

I've received so many inquiries on how our clam bake went that I thought I would share a few photos and some thoughts from the night.

It was one of those iconic Seattle summer days - warm, without a cloud in the sky, and a soft breeze to keep things bearable for us true Northwesterners.  

such a beautiful view from the roof top deck of our houseboat
Our guests were greeted with a breezy summer cocktail and seafood inspired appetizers.
Our 'summer in a glass' drink was made with
Cranberry juice, Malibu Rum with Coconut
Liquer, and topped off with Prosecco
Appetizers included this lobster mac 'n cheese
(check out the lobster crackers Laura made)
While the guests soaked in the sun and views on top, we (ok, it was really Laura and Shannon) were busy with our boil, which was carefully balanced on the side deck. 

our outdoor kitchen where, at one point,
four people were cooking and plating 
our boil consisted of mussels, clams, craydaddies
(as Shannon likes to call them), chorizo, corn, potatoes 
such a fun table to decorate
(don't you love how the bibs pick up the color of the mirror?)
The night ended back on the roof top deck, this view, and a berry crisp

I have had the good fortune of working along side Shannon and Laura before. We co-chaired my daughters' (and their childrens') school auction. That was an enormous undertaking and through careful planning, consistent communication and hard work we produced a spectacular event that raised over $500,000. 

Working in a committee can sometimes be challenging, but with these ladies, it is effortless. Hosting this Clam Bake was no exception. 

with Laura Kosinski and Shannon Manley - two amazing ladies!
Until next time,

la chasse au bonheur

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