Friday, August 23, 2013

Why is it so important to use a high-quality real estate agent?

Here are some key reasons.

Professional Buying and selling a house is a complex process with a multiple of steps and paperwork. Your agent should be a trained professional who listens to your needs and understands the market. 

Connections Successful agents have long-term relationships with past clients, prospective clients, vendors, and other agents - all of whom they can call upon when helping you buy or sell.

Pricing skills Top real estate agents have the important marketing and sales data necessary to properly price a home. This also comes in handy for buyers when making an offer.

Marketing savvy A good agent knows the most effective marketing methods to showcase your home in the best light and to elicit the highest level of exposure possible.

Neighborhood knowledge Your real estate agent's extensive knowledge of different neighborhoods helps you find just the kind of neighbors, amenities, and schools you want.

Negotiation skills Successfully negotiating the buying and selling of a home is an art that requires strategy, experience, and training - skills that a high-quality real estate agent has in spades.

The Multiple Listing Service The MLS is the real estate industry's main database (the vast majority of all homes for sale are listed there), and only licensed real estate agents have access to it. 

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