Friday, March 12, 2021

signs of spring

Outside I hear the birds chirping and notice tiny buds on the bare brown branches. Could it be? Is spring really here? After the year we have all had, these are welcome signs, indeed - the beginning of nature's renewal, including our own.

For me, it signals the rebooting of garden parties, Sunday brunch and long chats with friends and family on the terrace, flowering white hydrangeas, vibrant green grass and, oh yes, a ton of work to get the gardens ready!

We're funny here in the Pacific Northwest. The moment we see the sun, we pull on the shorts and sandals (even if it's a balmy 45 degrees), and head outside. That might be why I find myself gravitating to my yard work and my 'to do' list rather than my real work. Here's my list so far:

Schedule pressure washing of drive, walkway, backyard patio and patio set
Elevate Property Services is fabulous! Connor 206.355.1524

Schedule window washer
Crystal Panes always takes care of my old, old glass! 206.284.5183

Clean gutters and downspouts
AA Window and Gutter Cleaners are the bomb! 425.821.3814

Service lawn mower
Who am I kidding? I have a service....but if I didn't, I'd be on this!

Pull out dead plants that didn't make it over winter and plant to fill holes.

Clean the fountain, service the motor, turn on, enjoy the birds playing

Change the furnace filter and smoke alarm batteries (every spring and fall)
Greenwood Heating is great for annual maintenance. 206.202.2633

Clean the BBQ grill and cover, pull out BBQ utensils and cookbooks

Test the water hose and spray nozzle front and back 
I like the FitLife Flexible Hose with nozzle 

Clean and condition teak bench
Starbrite Teak Cleaner works really well!

Locate and wash outdoor accessories like lanterns, linens, outdoor ware

Wash outdoor cushions and pillows, spray with a mildew protector
AllerTech No More Mildew is great. Honest makes a good one as well!

Fluff up front porch urns with new plantings
City People's is getting some great new color spots in.

Clean front porch ceiling and wax front door hardware

Pull out front porch screen and have repairs made prior to installing in June
Dunn Lumber is very helpful if you need to replace the mesh.

Well, work is calling and obviously I have some calls to make to make this all happen. If you need a copy of my preferred vendor resource guide, pop me an email with your address and I will send one off.

Happy (oh so close) spring, everyone!

Until next time

la chasse au bonheur

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