Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home away from home

First, I must apologize as I have been ignoring my blog of late. The usual - work, work, work got the better of me but so did some pretty special and not so usual events, most importantly was my oldest daughter's eighth grade graduation from St. Joseph's School; nine years with the same kids needed celebrating.

But a beautiful weekend away with my husband got things back on track. I tagged along to a conference he attended at the Skamania Lodge. Sited on the northern shores of the Columbia Gorge, this laid back lodge takes full advantage of the river and mountains. While he sat in what must have been some very engaging meetings I hit the trails and explored this beautiful region.

Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington

The view from the front lawn of the lodge
Having grown up just south of Portland, I was familiar with the Gorge but had never explored the Washington State side. I found it just as beautiful as the Oregon side. The towns were sweet, small and friendly. The people charming, kind and helpful. The vistas were extraordinary and most of all, serene.

Looking west from the 'Bench Trail'

My reward 
All this hiking and communing with nature got me thinking about scheduling a camping trip with the family. This of course led to thoughts of back pain, bug bites, deadly encounters with bear, cold fingers and toes, and the most dreadful of all - the midnight jaunt to the loo.

As you know, I love all things British and as always, those Brits know how to camp, well actually glamp. That's right, Glamping began in England. A recent trend stateside (love saying that), Glamping combines the best of two worlds - the rustic beauty of the great outdoors with the cozy comfort of home. Who doesn't like sitting in a cushy armchair after a day of hiking the wilderness and fishing the streams? Or drinking wine from stemmed crystal? Walking on a real rug? Oh la la.

For a better idea of what kind of camping luxury I'm talking about, just check out these photos.

Seriously, my bedroom at home isn't this nice.

Or this nice!

Can you imagine waking like this?
or this?

Even Shabby Chic goes au naturel
Love the added touch of the coat stand for hanging your garmets...
when I camp I wad my clothes up (at least the ones I'm not wearing) and use them for my pillow. 

There is no question that this is just sheer decadence, but why not? Who doesn't want the comfort of home? Wherever you are!

If you would like to check out some regional Glamping sites and tips, here are a few links:

Glamping Sites in Washington and Idaho

Glamping tips and ten essentials for family camping

Until next time (yep it's the summer)

la chasse au bonheur


  1. Darcy I've been thinking about you and wondering what happened to cause your blogging silence. As always I love your posts. Glamping, who knew? At $1600 for the whole family for 2 days I don't think there is any glamping in my future unless it's in my own back yard. If you go shopping for tents these days they are made to resemble houses with front porches and all. It's pretty funny really.

  2. I so agree - glamour doesn't come cheap does it? But who says you can't roll up that sisal, pack your duvet and fluffy down pillows, your blue and white china :), stemmed crystal and call it good? Can't wait to see what you have done to the house. Can't wait!

  3. Ohhh, good idea. I'm going to need that china back. Ha, ha. Kidding. We are getting some new furniture next week so you'll have to come by after that for a visit. We miss you.