Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick and Easy (and Cheap) Green Changes

With the rising cost of fuel and the decline of household income running rampant throughout the country lowering your energy consumption is not only smart, but good for mother nature.

I have a tendency to be an all or nothing kind of gal, thinking that energy efficient changes should look like switching my wood-burning fireplace with a fuel efficient gas fireplace (a $3-5,000 investment). This thinking causes me to stop dead in my tracts. So when I ran across this list of simple changes that are good for your pocketbook and earth, I had to share.

Here are some inexpensive ideas to help you green up your home!

Weather strip doors and windows

Set the thermostat to 78 or higher in the summer and 68 or lower in the winter

Leave clipped grass as mulch for a greener lawn

Use natural lighting in lieu of light bulbs

Open windows during the cooler part of the day

Close fireplace damper when not in use

Insulate heating and cooling pipes

Wash only full loads (clothes and dishes)

Cover pots and pans while cooking

Place a brick in the toilet tank which will cause it to use less water

Clean dryer filter after each use

Use microwave versus the oven (adverse to microwaves, this might be tough for me.)

Use shower time efficiently

Use curtains/blinds to insulate from the outside air (cold or hot)

Use natural insect repellents such as ladybugs, bees and butterflies

Mow in the cooler part of the day-less evaporation of fuel saves on the carbon dioxide fumes released

Use products such as glass, metal utensils, cloth napkins and table clothes (good bye paper plates)

Buy items with the least amount of packaging and the highest percentage of product

There are lots of great websites that concentrate on education, product awareness and consumer tips. Here are a few I refer to often:

National Geographic/Green Guide

Good Housekeeping/Green Living Ways to go Green


Until next week,

la chasse au bonheur

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